Medicast: Return of the house call

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The doctor is ready to see you now — in your home.  Sam Zebarjadi (above) CEO of Medicast, described the Virtual Practice platform which facilitates the scheduling of in-home health care services, aka “house calls”.

Virtual Practice is a turnkey mobile solution for clinicians that integrates directly into EHR systems and provides user-friendly mobile point of care tools including scheduling, charting, and billing.

“Your health system might actually provide services like house calls or telemedicine; insurance may even cover it.” Zebarjadi said.

Zebarjardi addressed a number of concerns during the Health Connect South Radio show:

Aren’t there limits to what a health care provider can accomplish on a house call?

The “black bag” of services now includes many more diagnostic tools for house calls than an earlier era – for example, portable EKG. Plus the physician still has access to advances in telemedicine.

If doctors are the resource in short supply, why not have all the patients travel to one location rather than doctors traveling?

Delivering more house calls can lower the overhead cost structure for a practice. Insurance providers find that house calls focus only on the most critical tests.

One added benefit for the practice: physicians can glean a great deal of patient information during a house call that might not be captured during an office visit.

The platform caters to hospitals and health systems that want to effectively deliver home health services. Medicast includes custom branded mobile apps for patients and providers as well as care coordinator and administrator dashboards. Medicast is modular, so it can be deployed throughout an organization based on specific needs.

Medicast currently partners with health systems throughout California and Miami.

Health Connect South always asks, “What do you need?”

“We’re always seeking to partner physician practices and health systems “ Zebarjadi said. “For our listeners in Nashville, TN be on the lookout for an announcement of Medicast services in the next quarter…”

For more about Medicast, click here.

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