IBM Watson Healthcare VP Confirmed for HCS 2016

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IBM’s Watson has come a long way from out-smarting Jeopardy grand-champions. One of its most ground-breaking spinoffs, Watson Health, has the potential to make a real impact on healthcare across its many fields, with the ability to cut through the noise of millions of clinical studies, health publications, and historical data to procure a diagnosis in a matter of seconds.IBM Watson logo

The premise is a natural jumping point from Watson’s brief stint as a televised trivia prodigy: if the supercomputer could generate the correct response to a question given a well-worded hint, then it could find a diagnosis to even uncommon diseases given a specific set of symptoms. In an age where even a single patient’s data can take up several gigabytes of information, tailoring a treatment to a single case with precision given the need to cross-reference years of data quickly becomes a superhuman endeavor.

Health Connect South has the honor of having Dan Cerutti, VP of Population Health and Cognitive Decision Support for IBM Watson Healthcare, as a speaker for this year’s conference: “Regional Assets, Global Impact.” Which top ten disease states can Watson Health impact? Pretty much all of them, and it is already proving this to be the case. IBM is teaming up with healthcare systems, med-tech firms, and other companies in order to learn everything from coaching athletes in training to reading X-rays.

Dan Cerutti, VP of Population Health and Cognitive Decision Support, IBM Watson Healthcare

Dan Cerutti, VP of Population Health and Cognitive Decision Support, IBM Watson Healthcare

Curing cancer is a specialty IBM is particularly keen on. Given Watson’s ability to adopt a person’s way of thinking, it can leverage the specialized expertise of the nation’s best oncologists to make top-tier treatment available to healthcare practitioners and their patients all over the world, an invaluable service to areas that often lack access to high quality medical services. Ultimately, Watson’s aim is to provide medical expertise not just on cancer, but for all types of disease states and medical conditions.

Mr. Cerutit will provide his insights via “Big Data: How is it being used?”

What possibilities do new big data based technologies offer, what insights and advances do we stand to gain when hundreds of incredible leaders in health all gather in one place? Find out for yourself.

Register today for Health Connect South 2016, on September 21st at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. The early bird rate ends August 30th!

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