Brad Fain

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Dr. Brad Fain is a Principal Research Scientist at the Brad Fain(GTRI), with over twenty four years of experience in human performance research. He currently leads the human factors program and human systems integration efforts for both military and industrial customers at GTRI. He is the human factors lead for health systems design. He is experienced in military and civilian system human factors analysis, anthropometric analysis, design, and human performance testing and evaluation. He previously the technical portion of the Military Heroes voting project and served as the technical director for the Accessible Voting Technology Initiative (AVTI). He is also the director of Georgia Tech’s HomeLab. HomeLab is a collection of 600 homes in the Atlanta area that support a diverse roster of research projects and product evaluation activities related to health and well-being of older adults. Dr. Fain established the Accessibility Evaluation Facility (AEF) at Georgia Tech and has pioneered evaluation techniques designed to measure accessibility and usability of products and services for people with disabilities. The AEF serves both industry and government customers by evaluating products to measure conformance with disability related technical guidelines. Dr. Fain is also the director of the independent test lab for the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use commendation program and similar programs for Arthritis Australia, Arthritis New Zealand, and the Arthritis Society of Canada.

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