Brian Liu, BSEE, MBA

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brianBrian Liu, BSEE, MBA In Mr. Liu’s professional career, he has worked as an electronics, software, and systems engineer performing design, development, production, and testing on a number of platforms and projects – from aircraft flight-line maintenance test suites, to embedded radar warning receiver applications, and in recent years with a focus on work in the wearable sensor systems arena. Mr. Liu joined the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) in 2008, where he now manages and leads a team of researchers as the Head of the Advanced Human Integration Branch – a multi-disciplinary engineering team focused on sensor integration and analysis for the purpose of enhancing and evaluating human health and performance. Some of Mr. Liu’s recent work includes a lead engineering role on the Integrated Blast Effects Sensor Suite Project, where an integrated soldier/vehicle sensing suite (1000 soldier systems and 50 armored vehicle kits) was designed, developed, produced, and deployed to Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan in under a year.

Success on this project lead to follow-on wearable sensor system work in the Integrated Soldier Sensor System Program under PEO Soldier, where his team integrated wearable physiological/environmental monitoring capabilities into a fully custom developed ecosystem. Mr. Liu is also the lead systems engineer on the iDETECT Project, a R&D collaboration with Emory University focused on the development of a novel multi-modal tool for concussion assessment that can be deployed on the sidelines of military/athletic environments. Mr. Liu is also engaged in a series of projects with the WellStar Health System where engineering and clinical expertise are combined to improve clinical outcomes. Although the projects Mr. Liu and his team tackle may have varied aims/objectives, a consistent theme is the design, development, and deployment of robust human-centric systems into complex operational environments.

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