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guyscullGuy H. Scull leads HealthCare for Humanity Clinics, driving its strategic vision and execution towards its development and growth. He is an expert in nonprofit organization and management, as well as partnership collaboration and direction. He directs market research, analysis and interaction with Board level executives and employee teams.

HealthCare for Humanity Clinics Mission Statement is to collaborate with strategic partners and serve as a compassionate medical support resource in America for the underserved and those who are most vulnerable by providing comprehensive, sustainable, dependable and affordable quality health care in a caring environment inclusive of all faiths and ethnicities.

The HealthCare for Humanity Clinics Vision is to develop and sustain a national network of affiliated HealthCare for Humanity Clinics for any man, woman or child needing medical services with a goal of providing long-term wellness for healthier lives.

HealthCare for Humanity Clinics addresses the national debate about two issues concerning health care in America: government-supplied health care insurance (Obamacare) versus privately-supplied health care insurance. HealthCare for Humanity Clinics firmly addresses the third issue of nearly 30 million Americans lacking insurance according to the most recent study by the Congressional Budget Office.

HealthCare for Humanity Clinics relies on funding from the community, corporations, related trade associations, hospitals, the general public and crowdsourcing.

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